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Letter F rom Ou r CEO

Dear Readers,

Inspirational and humorous, insightful and always entertaininglike foodservice
itself, Reinharts new magazine, Restaurant Inc, The Business of Food, is a potent mix
of all. And its how we intend to address the many changes driving our industry and
transforming the way we all work.

Weve seen that change firsthand, in the communities weve served for the past
half-century. Weve grown with you, using the full strength of our scale and expertise
to make it easier for you to succeed in the business we all cherish. Restaurant Inc is
a resource we bring to you with real pride and unlimited passion. Not just another
magazine about the glories of food (although were all foodies at heart), but a robust
collection of content, examining every nook and cranny that makes the difference
between success and failure. Is music just background ambiance, or a genuine traffic
builder? How do you distinguish trends that will blaze new menu paths from those
that are temporary detours or going completely in the wrong direction? Is the constant
Instagramming of my dishes something to encourage or pull the plug on? Millennials,
Xers and Boomers: can they play nice without a food fight? Most important of all,
what craft beer works best with your juicy cheeseburger?

Youre also invited to go on a road trip for three perfect days of culinary creativity to
La Crosse, Wisconsin. Up and down the vast expanse of Reinhart country, we found
great eats combined with operational savvy by understanding their why better than
anyone else.

Our first Leader magazine, all 500 copies, was distributed to five Reinhart divisions.
Restaurant Incs circulation is upwards of 40,000, to cover our core customers in 31
divisions. We strive to put an issue in your hand to emphasize both the immense
pride we feel in this newest resource and the personal connection we have with our

Thank you, and enjoy the very first issue of Restaurant Inc, The Business of Food!


John Roussel
Chief Executive Officer
Reinhart Foodservice, L.L.C.

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