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The restaurant industry is many things: a massive 5. Dont focus on all that you have accomplished
job machine, an economic powerhouse, an but instead on what youre doing in the here and
anything-is-possible opportunity, a social gathering now. An MBA and a boatload of experience dont
spot and sweet, blessed relief from the stove for mean much if you dont motivate your team or do
those who seek mealsand thats just for starters, a your job well.
small scratch at its complicated and richly nuanced
surface. 6. Pay attention to things that exist outside the
restaurant realm and figure out what they
Easy, though, is not one of the ways to accurately mean within your walls. Consumer confidence,
describe or define foodservice, a point that anyone commodity costs, jobless rates, the Dow Jones®
within its broad parameters knows unequivocally and housing prices all affect how many burgers and
and with the absolute certainty of a truth learned fries are sold.
in the trenches.
7. Technology has totally rewritten the script.
Any job within this vast universe, from dishwasher Continually define and refine your strategy,
to pantry cook, bar back to maître d, server to placing particular emphasis on how it can improve
social media strategist to CEO, most certainly operations and connect you to customers.
gets snuggled up with its share of challenges,
vexations and disappointments. But heres the 8. Do a deep dive into your psyche and ask the
thing: restaurants are not the sole proprietor of hard hard questions: do you like the industry, your
times; they lurk everywhere and, in many sectors, restaurant, the food you serve, the people you
theyre offset with fewer upside rewards than those work with? If youve lost passion or somehow
found in foodservice. To help with the win, for your have convinced yourself that you exist on a plane
business and the larger industry, a few points to above your customers, at the very least its time
ponder: to recalibrate the attitude. Maybe its time to
change jobs.
1. In this business you, your boss and all of
your colleagues really do the same work: serve 9. Shake things up every now and then by taking
customers. And customers are the only reason a business risknot a jump-off-the-cliff thing but a
you have a job, so serve them well. No matter how smartly considered move into an unexpected realm.
much you protest or beg to differ, it is not any more 10. Embrace the very idea that change in the
complicated than that. industry is constant; dont dread, avoid, ignore or
forestall it. Seek it out and use it as an advantage.
2. With more than 13 million jobs to keep filled,
labor shortages will continue. Rather than wringing The leap from tough to easyor at least easier
your hands over it, ease the stranglehold on your is largely a game that plays out in the head, as an
business by treating workers kindly, fairly and attitude, strategy and set of beliefs about how the
respectfully, offering competitiveor slightly industry should look and feel. Guests who support
betterpay and endowing all positions with a your business deserve your best. Game on. n
sense of dignity.

3. Workers connect more deeply with organizations Pat Dailey
that make them feel invested in their work and their Guest Editor Open the gates to delicious and keep customers
company. To that end, share with them successes
and failures, profits and losses. coming back with quality meats cut to your specifications.
4. Monitor every cost and expense, mindful that
in a small-margin business, saving even a little
means a lot. You have the ideas, let us supply the center of the plate.

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