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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Company Parking Lot
Parking Lot Courtesy & Designated Parking Spaces
SPM’s parking lot policy outlines our parking provisions for employees & visitors. (See Parking Lot Policy-SPM) This policy applies to all employees who operate company or personal vehicles in the course of business, including permanent, temporary, contract employees, interns & volunteers.
SPM will reserve a few parking spaces for Managers & employees who drive company vehicles. Parking space for large company vehicles (e.g. trucks) may be separate from our employee parking lot.
SPM will allocate our remaining parking spaces according to the following priority:
1. Permanently or temporarily disabled employees & pregnant women
4. Contract/Service Employees to SPM 5. Interns/Trainees
6. Volunteers
SPM expects drivers to maintain a clean & safe parking space, as they maintain their working spaces. The following rules apply at all times:
2. Location of Primary Work Station
3. Visitors to SPM
SPM will assign parking spaces according to these priorities until they are exhausted.
Preserving our parking lot
• No littering is allowed.
• Drivers must respect others’ property.
• Drivers shouldn’t speed, turn carelessly
or drive irresponsibly.
Managing Parking spaces
• Employees shouldn’t conduct maintenance or repair jobs to their cars while they parked in our lot, except if they cannot start them.
Parking spaces aren’t permanent benefits. SPM can withdraw them anytime as a result of disciplinary action or needs of people with higher priority. This benefit is valid only as long as employees are employed by SPM.
Each employee can’t have more than one parking space & they cannot transfer their space to another person (employee or non-employee).
This policy does not restrict off-site parking. But, employees are not allowed to:
• Block front or back entrances
• Park at spaces reserved for the
• Obstruct loading/unloading of company
• Occupy spaces reserved for visitors
during operating hours
• Park company cars illegally or at high- risk spaces (e.g. near construction sites)
• If a vehicle is left unattended for more than one week, it may be towed & the vehicle’s owner will have to pay storage & removal fees.

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