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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Posting of Openings
SPM desires to promote qualified employees from within where it believes that is possible, consistent with the need to assure that highly competent individuals staff all positions. New job openings generally will be posted on the employee bulletin board, as well as on the Company Internet site. Employees who refer a new employee may be eligible for a referral bonus.
Conflicts of Interest
SPM is concerned with conflicts of interest that create actual or potential job related concerns, especially in the areas of confidentiality, customer relations, safety, security, and morale. If any actual or potential conflict of interest between an employee of the Company and a competitor, supplier, distributor, or contractor to the Company, must be disclosed by the employee to Human Resources. If an actual or potential conflict of interest is determined to exist, the Company will take such steps, as it deems necessary to reduce or eliminate this conflict.
Employment of Relatives and Friends
SPM is a family owned and operated company and therefore will not deter any suitable applicant or candidate based on his/her relation to an existing employee. We will not employ friends or relatives in circumstances where actual or potential conflicts may arise which could compromise supervision, safety, confidentiality, security, and morale at the Company. It is your obligation to inform the Company of any such potential conflict so the Company can determine how best to respond to the particular situation.
Job Descriptions
SPM maintains a job description for each position, per The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements. If you do not have a copy of a current job description you should request one from your supervisor. Job descriptions prepared by SPM serve as an outline only. Due to the needs of business, you may be required to perform job duties not within your written job description. Furthermore, the Company may have to revise, add to, or delete from your job duties according to company needs. On occasion, the Company may need to revise job descriptions with or without advance notice to the employee.
If you have any questions regarding your job description, or the scope of your duties, please speak with your supervisor or Human Resources.
Personal Data Changes
It is your obligation to provide the Company with all of your current contact information, including current mailing address, current email address and telephone number. Please inform the Company of any changes to your marital or tax withholding status. Failure to do so may result in loss of benefits or delayed receipt of W-2 and other mailings.

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