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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Working with Family and Friends
Generally, employee friendships can add great strength to company performance. Friendships at work enhance cooperation, teamwork, loyalty, and mutual respect.
Workplace romances, however, can create problems at work. Nevertheless, the company will generally consider romantic relationships between co-workers as matters of personal choice, outside the company’s interest, as long as they are fully consensual and have no adverse effect on other people at work.
Dating that involves a supervisor or manager who has, or appears to have an influence over the other person’s job is often a problem. Thus, a different rule applies. If a supervisor or manager begins to establish a dating or romantic relationship with another employee, the supervisor/manager must disclose that circumstance to his/her direct supervisor and to the Human Resources Manager. She/he must also cooperate with any further discussions and company decisions to prevent potential conflicts of interest, morale issues, claims of favoritism or sexual harassment, or other workplace concerns. This disclosure requirement applies to relationships with any other employee in any other position, whether the employee is a direct subordinate, working in another department, a peer, or in a more senior position. Because of the significant risk for potential problems and conflict, these relationships are strongly discouraged.

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