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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Wage and Hour Policies
An employee's pay depends on a wide range of factors, including pay scale surveys, individual effort, profits, and market forces. If you have any questions about your compensation, including matters such as paid time off, commissions, overtime, benefits, or paycheck deductions, please speak with your supervisor or Human Resources.
Pay Period
The standard pay period is weekly for all employees. Pay dates are Tuesdays. Should any pay date fall on a holiday, you will be paid on the preceding workday. Special provisions may be required from time to time if holidays fall on paycheck dates. Please inquire of your supervisor if this type of date arises.
Paycheck Deductions
The Company is required by federal, state, and certain local laws to withhold certain deductions from your paycheck. This includes income and unemployment taxes, and FICA contributions (Social Security and Medicare) as well as any other deductions required under law or by court order for wage garnishments. The amount of your tax deductions will depend on your earnings and the number of exemptions you list on your federal Form W-4 and applicable state withholding form. You may also authorize voluntary deductions from your paycheck, including contributions for insurance premiums; retirement plans, spending accounts, or other services. Your deductions will be reflected in your wage statement.
Contact the Payroll Department or Human Resources for any questions about your paycheck.
Direct Deposit
We encourage all employees to enroll in direct deposit. If you would like to take advantage of direct deposit, ask the Payroll Department or Human Resources Director for an application form. Typically, the bank will begin the direct deposit of your payroll within 10 calendar days after you submit your completed application.
If you have selected the direct deposit payroll service, an electronic explanation of your deductions will be produced and virtually stored for you on paydays described in the preceding sections in lieu of a check that you have access to (see Payroll Policy & Direct Deposit Instructions-SPM).

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