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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
for all employees scheduled for more than seven and a half hours (7.5 hours). Employees will be relieved of all active responsibilities and no company related work of any kind will be done during the meal period. If you believe you will be unable to take a lunch period because of your workload, you must immediately inform your supervisor so that appropriate arrangements can be made to take the meal break. Employees must stay at their work area (machines) until the Lunch Bell rings and must return at their scheduled restart time. Your supervisor will keep you advised of when your rest periods are scheduled.
The Company offers the ability for all employees to extend their unpaid lunch period from 30 minutes to an hour, only with prior approval from your supervisor and as long as production deadlines, departmental needs and workflow is not effected. This is in no way a paid period and will need to be document on each employee’s daily time sheet as well as the employee must physically clock-out for each occurrence along with the approving signature of your supervisor.
Recording Time
Federal and state laws require us to keep accurate records of hours worked by nonexempt (hourly) employees. You should clock in no more than five (5) minutes ahead of time and clock out no later than five (5) minutes after your exiting time. Every nonexempt employee of the Company is required to enter his or her hours worked accurately, including all lunch periods and any rest periods of more than 20 minutes. Employees are required to notify the company of any pay discrepancies, unrecorded or misreported work hours, or any involuntary missed meal or break periods (see Time Reporting Policy-SPM).
Time must be recorded:
• For the beginning and end of
your shift;
• When leaving the premises for
lunch and upon returning to work;
• For any other personal reason
requiring you to be off the
• You must get advance approval
from your supervisor before working any overtime.
Do not complete the time sheet of any other employee or request that they do so for you. Please be sure to indicate your days off. Any changes to your time card must be approved of and initialed by your supervisor. Time cards are to be turned in to Accounting Department for Payroll purposes daily.
Time sheets must be turned in at the end of your shift every day you work. The time sheet box is located on the wall at the employee entrance and exit located next to the water mains.
The falsification of time records or recording time for another employee may result in discipline, up to and including termination of employment for any employee(s) proven to have falsified time reports.

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