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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Business Expenses
The purpose of this policy is to define approved employee business expenses and the authority for incurring and approving such expenses.
Approved business expenses are the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by employees to achieve legitimate business purposes that are not covered by normal Company procurement processes.
Business Meetings (Company-Sponsored Events and Meetings)
The Company pays for expenses necessary to achieve a valid business purpose when meetings are held with customers, vendors, or other Company employees. The most senior Company employee present is to pay and report all expenses (see Expense Reporting Policy-SPM & Company Expense Report form-SPM).
The Company will make every effort to have a master account set up for Company-wide and large group events.
The Company pays for entertainment expenses only when they clearly benefit the Company and include customers and are promotional in nature. The most senior Company employee present is to pay and report all expenses.
Technical and Training Seminars
The Company pays for expenses associated with attendance at classes and seminars that enhance job-related skills. The employee is required to obtain prior approval from any concerned supervisor and Human Resources (see Tuition & Training Reimbursement Policy-SPM & Tuition & Training Reimbursement Request form-SPM).
Other Expenses
The Company will pay for postage and Company telephone expenses that are for business purposes.
Employee Reporting
Employees are to report their approved expenses on the standard Expense Report Form and must include a description of the expense, its business purpose, date, place, and the participants.

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