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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Use of Company Credit Cards
Every employee in the possession of a Company issued credit card will adhere to the strictest guidelines of responsibility for the proper protection and use of that card. Company credit card purchases related to Company vehicle use (gas, oil, etc.) under $100 do not require prior approval. Company credit card purchases for vehicle use over $100 and any other business purchases over $25 must receive prior approval from your supervisor or manager.
All sales receipts generated by use of the Company credit card must be turned in weekly to immediate supervisor, who in turn will report this to The Accounting Department. Company credit cards are not to be used for personal reasons. Use of the company credit card is restricted to approved business related expenses.
Any unauthorized purchases made with a Company issued credit card will be the cardholder's responsibility. The employee will reimburse any such purchase to the company within 30 days.
Lost or stolen Company issued cards must be reported immediately to your supervisor or manager. Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.
Accommodations for Nursing Mothers
SPM will provide nursing mothers reasonable break time to express milk for their infant children for up to one year following the child's birth. To ensure privacy, nursing mothers will be provided a private room, other than a restroom, to express their milk. The room will be clearly designated and either have a lock or a sign on the door to indicate when the room is in use.
Nursing mothers will also be provided a refrigerator to store their breast milk. Employees are responsible for labeling their milk with their name and the date on which the milk was expressed. Nursing mothers are encouraged to discuss the length and frequency of breastfeeding breaks with their supervisor.

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