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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Performance, Discipline, Layoff, and Termination
Performance Improvement
SPM will make efforts to periodically review your work performance. The performance improvement process will take place on annual basis, or as business needs dictate. You may specifically request that your supervisor assist you in developing a performance improvement plan at any time.
Performance reviews are scheduled by department and throughout departmental subgroups and not on a personal anniversary basis. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring the timely completion of every employee’s review, over a 90-day employment status, before the review period closing. All pay adjustments made during a review period will be processed upon the payroll start date following the review period closing date.
The performance improvement process is a means for increasing the quality and value of your work performance. Your initiative, effort, attitude, job knowledge, and other factors will be addressed. You must understand that a positive job performance review does not guarantee a pay raise or continued employment. Company pay raises and promotions are based on numerous factors, only one of which is job performance.
In an effort to match you with the best job for you and to meet the business needs of the Company, you may be transferred from your current job. It is the Company's policy to promote from within the Company only when the most qualified candidate is available. Promotions are made on an equal opportunity basis according to employees possessing the needed skills, education, experience, and other qualifications that are required for the job.
All employees promoted into new job positions will undergo a 90-day introductory period as described in the New Employees and Introductory Periods section. Unlike new hires, however, such employees will continue to receive Company benefits for which they are eligible.
Pay Raises
Depending on the Company's financial health and other factors, efforts will be made to give pay raises consistent with Company profitability, job performance, and the current increase of company sales. SPM may also make individual pay raises based on merit or due to a change of job position.
Along with any pay raise, the Company uses the way it compensates its employees as a means of conducting other business practices and therefore wage discussions must be kept to “need-to-know” only.

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