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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Standards of Conduct
SPM wishes to create a work environment that promotes job satisfaction, respect, responsibility, integrity, and value for all of our employees, clients, customers, and other competitors. Every employee has a shared responsibility toward improving the quality of our work environment. By deciding to work at SPM, you agree to follow the Company's rules.
While it is impossible to list every item that could be considered misconduct in the workplace, what is outlined here is a list of common-sense infractions that could result in discipline, up to and including immediate termination of employment. This policy is not intended to limit the Company's right to discipline or discharge employees for any reason permitted by law. In fact, while we value our employees, the Company retains the right to terminate an employee on an "at-will" basis.
Examples of inappropriate conduct include:
• Violation of the policies and procedures set forth in this handbook.
• Possessing, using, distributing, selling, or negotiating the sale of illegal drugs or other controlled
• Being under the influence of alcohol during working hours on Company property (including
Company vehicles), or on Company business.
• Inaccurate reporting of the hours worked by you or any other employee.
• Providing knowingly inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information when speaking on behalf of
the Company or in the preparation of any employment related documents including, but not limited to, job applications, personnel files, employment review documents, intra-Company communication or expense records.
• Taking or destroying Company property.
• Possession of potentially hazardous or dangerous property where not permitted such as firearms,
weapons, chemicals, etc., without prior authorization.
• Fighting with, or harassment (as defined in our EEO policies) of, any fellow employee, vendor, or
• Disclosure of Company trade secrets and proprietary and confidential commercially sensitive
information (i.e. financial or sales records/reports, marketing or business strategies/plans, product development, customer lists, patents, trademarks, etc.) of the Company or its customers, contractors, suppliers, or vendors.
• Refusal or failure to follow directions or to perform a requested or required job task.
• Refusal or failure to follow safety rules and procedures.
• Excessive tardiness or absences.
• Smoking in nondesignated areas.
• Working unauthorized overtime.
• Solicitation of fellow employees on the Company premises during working time (see to
Nonsolicitation/Nondistribution Policy-SPM).
• Failure to dress according to Company policy.
• Use of obscene or harassing (as defined by our EEO policies) language in the workplace.
• Gambling on Company premises.
• Lending keys or keycards to Company property to unauthorized persons.

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