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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
General Policies
Driving Record
All employees required to operate a motor vehicle as part of their employment duties must maintain a valid driver's license and acceptable driving record. The Company may run a Motor Vehicle Department Check to determine an employee's driving record. It is your responsibility to provide a copy of your current driver's license for your personnel file. Any changes in your driving record, including, but not limited to, driving infractions, must be reported to the Company.
Use of Company Vehicles
Company vehicles are to be used for Company business only. Unless the use of the vehicle has been approved for personal use, personal or outside business use is strictly prohibited.
Drivers of Company vehicles are to immediately report all infractions or violations while driving a Company vehicle and all restrictions, suspensions, or revocations against their driver's license to their supervisor, manager, or Human Resources immediately.
When a Company vehicle cannot be operated, is unsafe for use, or has been damaged, notify a supervisor or manager immediately.
The driver of a Company vehicle is responsible for the vehicle while in his or her charge and must not permit unauthorized persons to drive it.
The driver is responsible for the daily housekeeping of the vehicle; it is to remain clean and uncluttered.
No person shall operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a chemical substance or other substance that can impair judgment.
Multiple driving moving violations that appear on the annual state department of motor vehicle check will result in suspension of rights to drive a company vehicle or drive a personal vehicle on company business. Suspension of rights will continue until one year has passed with no infractions. If there are persistent and ongoing problems with driving infractions, and driving a vehicle is a part of successful execution of job responsibilities, termination of employment is possible.

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