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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Employee Suggestions/Open Door Policy
We welcome suggestions for continued improvement and welcome your ideas for better ways to do your job, produce or sell the products or services of our Company, or meet customer and client needs. Discuss your ideas with your supervisor or another member of the management team.
We also encourage you to offer any suggestions derived from seminars, magazines, or other outside sources of information you believe would add value to the Company.
Understand that any suggestions, innovations, inventions, or other matter created by you on work time or with Company tools or property are considered to be the property of the Company.
Company Bulletin Boards
SPM maintains an official bulletin board located in The Shop for the purpose of providing employees with its official notices, including wage and hour laws, changes in policies, and other employment-related notices. At times the Company may also post information of general interest to the employees on the bulletin board. Please keep informed about this material by periodically reviewing the Company bulletin board. Only authorized personnel are allowed to add and remove notices from the Company bulletin board.
Nonsolicitation/Nondistribution Policy
To avoid disruption of business operations or disturbance of employees, visitors, and others, the Company has implemented a Nonsolicitation Policy. For purposes of the Nonsolicitation Policy, "solicitation" includes selling items or services, requesting contributions, and soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization. Solicitation performed through verbal, written, or electronic means are all covered by the Nonsolicitation Policy.
Employees are prohibited from soliciting other employees during their assigned working time. For this purpose, working time means time during which either the soliciting employees or the employees who are the object of the solicitation are expected to be actively engaged with assigned work. Employees may conduct solicitations during their lunch period, coffee breaks, or other authorized nonworking time, so long as they do so when the other employees are also on nonworking time.
To avoid inappropriate litter, clutter, and safety risks, employees may not distribute literature or other nonworking related items in working areas at any time. Working areas do not include break/rest areas, lunchrooms, or parking lots.

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