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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Personal Appearance
Your personal appearance reflects on the reputation and integrity of the company. All employees are required to report to work neatly groomed and dressed (see Dress Code Policy Shop/Office-SPM). You are expected to maintain personal hygiene habits that are generally accepted in the community, i.e. clean clothing, good grooming and personal hygiene, and appropriate social behavior.
SPM does not have or issue employee uniforms. The company does offer Company branded Workwear for all employees to purchase at their leisure and wear to work and work related events as long as all safety concerns are still being adhered to.
Any employee working past the YELLOW SAFETY LINES in The Shop are required to wear the following safety equipment while on the job:
• Cut Resistant & Slip Resistant Shoes
• Short Sleeve Shirts
• Safety Eye Glasses
• Ear Plugs & Face Masks (when
• Latex/Rubber Gloves (when appropriate)
• Work Gloves (when appropriate) • Long Hair Restraints or Hat
All employees are required to wear protective eyewear when inside of The Shop at all time, no exceptions regardless of your work area (see Workplace Safety Policy-SPM).
Management and outside sales persons are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for their job duties.
If you come to work inappropriately dressed, you will be asked to go home and return to work dressed appropriately. If you have any questions regarding the dress code or dress code accommodations, please contact Human Resources. Recurring problems will result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.
Company Social Events
SPM holds social events for employees. Please be advised that your attendance at these events is voluntary and does not constitute part of your work-related duties as an employee. Any exceptions to this policy must be in writing and signed by a supervisor prior to the event.
Alcoholic beverages may be available at these events. If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, please do so in a responsible manner. Do not drink and drive. Instead, please call a taxi or appoint a designated driver.

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