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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Mail Use
Employees are required to limit usage of the company's mail service to business purposes only. You may not use the Company address to receive personal mail. Do not use the Company postage meter for your personal mail. If you notice any suspicious packages or envelopes, please report this to Human Resources immediately.
Off-Duty Use of Company Property or Premises
Employees may not use Company property for personal use during working time. Employees are responsible for returning Company property in good condition and repairing or replacing any property damaged as the result of personal use or as the result of negligence (See Company Property Policy-SPM). This includes using copy machines, computers, Company products, or office supplies for personal use without prior authorization.
It is the policy of the Company to control off duty and nonworking hour use of Company facilities either for business or personal reasons. Employees are prohibited from using Company facilities during off duty or non-working hours without the written consent of their supervisor. Employees using Company facilities during off duty hours or non- Company hours may be required to sign a log-in and log-out sheet maintained by the Company or building manager.
Every employee is responsible for helping to make this a secure work environment. Upon leaving work, lock all desks, lockers, and doors protecting valuable or sensitive material in your work area and report any lost or stolen keys, passes, or other similar devices to your supervisor immediately. You should refrain from discussing with nonemployees specifics regarding Company security systems, alarms, passwords, etc.
We also request that you immediately advise your supervisor of any known or potential security risks and/or suspicious conduct of employees, customers, or guests of the Company. Safety and security is the responsibility of every employee and we rely on you to help us keep our premises secure.

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