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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Holiday Pay
SPM offers the following paid holidays each year:
• New Year's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Friday after Thanksgiving
• Christmas Eve
• Christmas Day
• Veterans Day (half day for all
past and present U.S. Service members)
When a Company holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the company will post notice of the day(s) being observed during the normal workweek 2 weeks prior.
The Company reserves the right to close on another day or grant compensating time off instead of closing its offices. You will not receive holiday pay if the holiday falls in the week when you are on vacation or leave of absence. You must work the day before and the day after a holiday to receive holiday pay, unless the day before or the day after is your normally designated day off, you are on vacation, or you have a doctor's note excusing your absence.
An employee must have satisfactorily completed the introductory period of 60 days to be eligible for holiday pay. Holiday pay for full-time employees is computed at the straight time rate of eight hours. In no case may an employee receive more than a normal day's wage for any holiday unless they
worked that day.

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