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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Vacation Policy
An employee must have satisfactorily completed the introductory period of 60 days to be eligible for vacation pay. Vacation pay for full-time employees is computed at the straight time rate of eight hours. In no case may an employee receive more than a normal day's wage for any vacation days unless they worked that day.
Vacation is paid to regular full-time employees as follows:
After your 1st anniversary date through 2nd anniversary date
5 days
2nd year through 4th year
10 days each year of employment
Upon your 5th anniversary date
15 days each year of employment
Upon your 20th anniversary date
20 days each year of employment
All employees are required to give at least 2-week notice to supervisors of their vacation plans. You will not be eligible to receive pay instead of vacation time, except with Company permission or upon termination. Any conflict in vacation requests will be decided based on employee seniority and Company needs. All vacation is approved by the immediate supervisor based off of his or her departments scheduling or staffing needs.
No Accrual
Vacation time must be used within the year it is granted. In other words, vacation time may not be “carried over” or accumulated from year to year. Only with written permission from your supervisor will Human Resources then consider exceptions. Exceptions will never exceed 5 days of vacation carry-over. Upon termination of employment with the Company, whether voluntary or involuntary, all unused vacation time will be forfeited and will be paid out.
Minimum Increments of Vacation
The minimum amount of vacation you must use at a single time must be in increments of no less than a half-day at a time.

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