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Leaves of Absence
A leave of absence (leave) is defined as an unpaid approved absence from work for a specified period of time for medical, parental, military, or other approved reasons. If an employee finds that he she must be out of work for more than three days, he or she should contact the Human Resources department to determine if a leave of absence may be necessary.
While on leave, an employee must contact the Human Resources department at least every 30 days. This provision does not apply to employees taking Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave. Employees taking FMLA leave should consult the documents they are provided for FMLA leave or should discuss such notification or certification issue with Human Resources. Failure to contact Human Resources upon request may result in voluntary termination of employment. Failure to return to work upon the expiration of the leave or refusing an offer of reinstatement for which the employee is qualified will also result in voluntary termination of employment.
Required Documentation
All requests for a leave of absence must be made on a Leave of Absence Request Form for the particular leave (FMLA, disability accommodation, military, pregnancy, other medical leave, personal leave, etc.) and submitted to the immediate supervisor. An employee must provide 30 days' advance notice when the need for the leave or absence is foreseeable; for instance, if medical treatments or other events are planned or known in advance. If the leave of absence is not foreseeable, the employee must provide notice to his or her immediate supervisor as soon as possible. Medical certifications and/or other documentation supporting the need for the leave may be required.
Job Benefits
For leaves other than approved FMLA leaves, SPM will pay its portion of the cost
of the employee's benefits including health, dental, life, and disability insurance benefits while an employee is on leave for the end of the monthly billing cycle at which time a COBRA notification will be issued. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leaves of absence allow for up to 12 weeks of group health insurance continuation coverage in the same manner as if the employee continued to work. The employee must continue to pay his or her portion of the benefits which may be made by payroll deductions (when applicable) or by check which must be submitted to the Human Resources department each pay period unless other arrangements have been made. If the employee fails to pay his or her
portion of the benefits for more than 30 days, the employee's coverage(s) will be terminated and the employee will be offered COBRA to continue benefits coverage.
While on leave, employees may be required to use any accrued vacation time. No benefits will be accrued while an employee is on leave. Except as otherwise provided by law, time spent on a leave of absence, except for military reserve duty, will not be counted as time employed in determining an employee's eligibility for benefits that accrue on the basis of length of employment.
Return to Work
Upon return to work, the employee may be required to take a fitness for duty exam or otherwise provide medical clearance.

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