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Employee Handbook
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• QUALIFYING EXIGENCIES for military exigency leave include:
o Short-notice call-ups/deployments of seven days or less (Note: Leave for this exigency is available for up to seven days beginning the date of call-up notice);
o Attending official ceremonies, programs, or military events;
o Special child care needs created by a military call-up including making alternative child care arrangements, handling urgent and nonroutine child care situations, arranging for school transfers, or attending school or daycare meetings;
o o
Rest and recuperation (Note: Fifteen days of leave is available for this exigency per event); Post-deployment activities such as arrival ceremonies, re-integration briefings, and other official ceremonies sponsored by the military (Note: Leave for these events is available during a period of 90 days following the termination of active duty status). This type of leave may also be taken to address circumstances arising from the death of a covered military member while on active duty;
Parental care when the military family member is needed to care for a parent who is incapable of self- care (e.g. arranging for alternative care or transfer to a care facility); and
Other exigencies that arise that are agreed to by both the Company and employee.
o Making financial and legal
arrangements; o
o Attending counseling sessions for the military service member, the employee, or the military service members' son or daughter who is under 18 years of age or 18 or older but is incapable of self-care because a mental or physical disability;
• A SERIOUS INJURY/ILLNESS incurred by a service member in the line of active duty or that is exacerbated by active duty is any injury or illness that renders the service member unfit to perform the duties of his or her office, grade, rank, or rating.

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