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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Scheduling Leave and Temporary Transfers
Where possible, employees should attempt to schedule leave so as not to unduly disrupt operations. Employees requesting leave on an intermittent or reduced schedule basis that is foreseeable based on planned medical treatment may be temporarily transferred to another job with equivalent pay and benefits that better accommodates recurring periods of leave.
Health Insurance
The Company will maintain an employee's health insurance coverage during leave on the same basis as if he or she were still working. Employees must continue to make timely payments of their share of the premiums for such coverage. Failure to pay premiums within 30 days of when they are due may result in a lapse of coverage. In this event, the Company will notify the employee 15 days before the date coverage will lapse that coverage will terminate unless payments are promptly made. Alternatively, at the Company's option, the Company may pay the employee's share of the premiums during the leave and recover the costs of this insurance upon the employee's return to work. Coverage that lapses due to nonpayment of premiums will be reinstated immediately upon return to work without a waiting period. Under most circumstances, if an employee does not return to work at the end of leave, the Company may require the employee to reimburse the Company for the health insurance premiums paid during the leave.
Return to Work
Employees returning to work at the end of leave will be placed in their original job or an equivalent job with equivalent pay and benefits. Employees will not lose any benefits that accrued before leave was taken. Employees may not, however, be entitled to discretionary raises, promotions, bonus payments, or other benefits that become available during the period of leave.
Spouse Aggregation
In the case where an employee and his or her spouse are both employed by the Company, the total number of weeks to which both are entitled in the aggregate because of the birth or placement of a child or to care for a parent with a serious health condition will be limited to 12 weeks per leave year. Similarly, a husband and wife employed by the Company will be limited to a combined total of 26 weeks of leave to care for a military service member. This 26-week leave period will be reduced, however, by the amount of leave taken for other qualifying FMLA events. This type of leave aggregation does not apply to leave needed because of an employee's own serious health condition, to care for a spouse or child with a serious health condition, or because of a qualifying exigency.
General Provisions
Failure to Return: Employees failing to return to work or failing to make a request for an extension of their leave prior to the expiration of the leave will be deemed to have voluntarily terminated their employment. Alternative Employment: No employee, while on leave of absence, shall work or be gainfully employed either for himself, herself, or others unless express, written permission to perform such outside work has been granted by the Company. Any employee on a leave of absence who is found to be working elsewhere without permission will be automatically terminated.
False Reason for Leave: Termination will occur if an employee gives a false reason for a leave.

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