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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Message from The President
Welcome! You have just joined a dedicated team of employees and managers. We hope that your employment with SPM (the Company) will be rewarding and challenging. We take pride in our employees as well as the products and services we provide. We consider ourselves leaders in the field of Manufacturing.
Please take the time now to read this employee handbook carefully. Sign the acknowledgment at the end to show that you have read, understood, and agree to the contents of this handbook, which sets out the basic rules and guidelines concerning your employment. This handbook supersedes any previously issued handbooks or policy statements dealing with the subjects discussed herein. The Company reserves the right to interpret, modify, or supplement the provisions of this handbook at any time.
Please understand that no employee handbook can address every situation in the work place. If you ever have questions about your employment, you are encouraged to ask them. If you have any difficulty reading or understanding any of the provisions of this handbook, please contact The Director of Human Resources. Likewise, if you have any suggestions related to Company policies or procedures, please let us know.
We wish you success in your employment here at Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.!
All the best,
Ryan Schultes, President
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

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