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Employee Handbook
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Introductory Language
About the Company
Schultes Precision Manufacturing, Inc. (SPM) has been an industry leader since 1946. SPM’s personnel are truly professionals in their trade, as evidenced by the precision workmanship and quality that go into each project — from single prototype to large volume production.
SPM’s state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facility is situated on seven acres, houses over 70 high-tech CNC machine tools with both milling and turning capabilities and over 100 employees to service our worldwide sales.
SPM’s philosophy of constantly upgrading our CNC production equipment, coupled with computerized inspection equipment to support our ISO 9000 certification, will enable us to provide even greater quality and service to our customers.
Besides larger volume production, SPM’s Model/Prototype Shop assists customers in bringing their new products to market. We are equipped to make one part or many thousands of parts — or any quantity in between.
SPM’s Assembly Department assembles parts we manufacture into kits, sub- assemblies, or complete, finished product for our customers.
SPM still offers the same dependable service our customers have come to appreciate throughout the years, and we look forward to continually servicing your precision manufacturing requirements.

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